How to Look Older for Men

Guys with so-called “baby face” have it rough. When most of male fashion is about emulating the professional or business look of mature men, guys who look young due to biology can sometimes have a tough time fitting in or finding clothing that really works for them. But the good news is that there are some simple tips and tricks to mature your appearance. Read on to learn how to look older for men.

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Why Look Older On Purpose?

The main reason you likely want to look older on purpose is so people take you seriously. It’s an unfortunate fact that younger people aren’t given as much credit when compared to those who look like they have some experience under their belts.

However, looking older as a man can come with even more benefits, including the following:

  • It’ll help you negotiate and offer advice more effectively. People are more willing to trust the opinions and insights of those who look older.
  • You’ll have more luck dating. There’s some truth that women like men who are a little older than them. And if you look older, well, that’s the same thing!
  • Your self-confidence will skyrocket. There's a reason that most guys don't try to look young, and it's because experience is related to the core of male confidence. Look experienced? You’ll feel experienced and confident.

With all that said, let’s break down some of the ways you can look older by making a few slight changes to your wardrobe and habits.

Focus on the Classics, Not Trends

For starters, remember this core idea for all your fashion choices going forward—classics are king. Instead of being a trend chaser or letting whatever new style guide you, stick with the classics that you know will work. Classics include:

  • Proper fitting trousersDress denim and tailored trousers in traditional colors like blue, black, and brown should be found in every man's closet.
  • T-shirts and collared shirts in simple colorsCollared shirts look slightly more mature and can double as business-casual attire when needed.
  • Clean-cut shoes and socksAs with clothes, keep your shoes simple. Neutral colors like gray, brown, or black are excellent choices, while colored shoes will make you look younger.
  • A sophisticated wristwatchA watch is one of the few main accessories that men can enjoy. But remember, classic watches with simple but functional faces are better than flashy ones with tons of features.
  • Choose core, masculine colors. With your entire wardrobe, prioritize simpler and core colors like blue, gray, brown, white, and black. Greens and reds can work depending on the rest of your wardrobe.

You can probably picture this aesthetic right off the bat because it’s popular and timeless. It’s also popularized by older men who aren’t as interested in participating in the fashion rat race. Emulate that attitude and you’ll look older by proxy.

Get a Clean, Short Haircut

A simple, clean, and short haircut can go a long way toward helping you look older. While there are a few exceptions, most men who have long hair have a younger appearance. Older men cut their hair back, partly because they’re starting to lose it and partly because it takes less effort.

Grow a Beard if You Can

Growing facial hair is arguably the best way to show your male maturity, at least in a physical sense. Facial hair is a literal reminder that you’re a man, and taking the time to style and clean it properly will show maturity.

If you can't grow a beard, stay clean-shaven and escape with some dignity. Letting peach fuzz or stubble grow incessantly won’t do any favors for your mature appearance.

No Piercings

Avoid these at all costs! Piercings aren’t classic and they’re mostly championed by younger guys chasing trends. Plus, piercings make you seem less professional, and professionalism is essentially the same aesthetically as older for guys.

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