Material Matters – Top Trouser Fabrics for Summer

Beating the heat isn’t just a matter of wearing as little clothing as possible. In fact, sometimes it’s a matter of wearing the right materials. After all, some clothing materials and trouser fabrics feel better in sweltering summer heat compared to others.

But just what trouser fabrics should you target? Let’s take a closer look.


Linen, of course, is a classic summer fabric, and for good reason. It’s a rustic, simplistic fabric choice that is lightweight and very breathable, making it comfortable and relaxing when worn in the summer. Linen comes from the flax plant, and it’s a natural choice for summer trouser fabrics.

Even better, linen is somewhat moisture-absorbent, meaning it does not stick to your body, even when you start to sweat. Therefore, linen could be the perfect fabric choice for the trousers that you love to wear in the summer. Linen trousers, like these Classic Linen Pants from Berle, are popular choices for a variety of summer events and occasions.


However, cotton is also popular and cost-effective. This reliable, go-to fabric choice is a common choice for trousers worn in the summer and beyond. That's because it's lightweight, flexible, breathable, and doesn't trap any heat or odor: perfect if you tend to sweat up a storm in the summer heat!

Cotton has the potential to be sustainable, particularly if you choose trousers made from high-quality cotton. In any case, cotton summer trousers are perfect picks if you want something versatile, effective, and reliable in all social and fashion situations.


Denim could be a good choice for your summer fabrics, even if it isn’t the lightest on this list. That’s because denim is highly durable and reliable, so it’s a great choice for summer work trousers or pants. But you can also wear denim with a variety of tops and jackets while staying within fashion standards.

Denim is also very cool, despite its relatively higher weight compared to other fabrics. This is ideal if you need to wear your trousers in the summer sun or other hot environments.

Cotton Gabardine

Cotton gabardine is an offshoot or variation of twill weave fabric. In a nutshell, think of it as a type of cotton fabric that’s a great choice for trousers and other outerwear in the summer.

As a smooth twill fabric, cotton gabardine has a smooth face on one side, then more traditional, diagonal ribs on the opposite side. It was originally developed in the 1800s. Today, cotton gabardine is known as durable and versatile, but it’s also perfect for lightweight summer trousers. This could be a good pick if you need trousers that you can rely on for years to come that won’t weigh you down unnecessarily.


Or you might seek out trousers made of Poplin. Poplin is a distinct, ribbed fabric with a novel texture. It also features a very tightly closed weave, which makes it somewhat unique compared to other fabrics commonly found among trousers worn during the summer. Take these Prime Poplin Flat Front Pants from Berle and imagine how good they would look in semiformal and workplace environments.

Poplin trousers are crisp, strong, and somewhat silky to the touch. It's a low-maintenance and durable fabric, and it is also odor and wrinkle-resistant, making it a great choice for trousers that you need to wear all day. Poplin is also affordable, so you don't have to break the bank to find stellar trousers made out of this material.


Last but not least is seersucker: a popular summer fabric for trousers, jackets, and everything in between. This fabric is oftentimes synonymous with summer apparel, as it looks very similar to linen but has a natural creasing texture that distinguishes it. These Seersucker Pants from Berle are stellar examples and are available in a few different colors and patterns!

Seersucker is very stylish, making it a very in-demand choice for slick and fashion-forward trousers and suit jackets. It is a little naturally wrinkled, so it doesn't show excessive wrinkling when you wear it all day. On top of being trendy, seersucker usually allows for plenty of airflow and breathability, helping to keep you cool even in the sweltering summer sun.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of different trouser fabrics you can wear in the summer while staying comfortable and cool. Best of all, any of the best trouser providers, such as Berle, offer tailored trouser options in each of these fabric choices and more. Check out our selection of tailored trousers today!