Men’s Fashion Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means men need to get their fashion ideas straightened out before the big day arrives. Women have lots of expectations for their Valentine’s Day dates, so it’s in your best interest to look sharp and stylish no matter where you plan to take your lady.

Let’s break down some fashion tips for guys ahead of Valentine’s Day this year.

What’s the Occasion?

Of course, any Valentine’s Day fashion ensemble will heavily depend on the exact occasion you have in mind. Are you taking your bae for a relaxed night out? Or are you taking her to a super fancy restaurant to pop the big question? Your wardrobe options will vary based on your answer.

Laid-Back Affair

If you’re taking your girl to a laid-back Valentine’s Day date, such as a drive-in movie or something similar, odds are you can wear just about anything and be fine. Most guys who opt for this choice have been with their girlfriends or wives for quite a while, so you don’t necessarily need to fancy everything up.

That said, you can still be stylish and smart by choosing clothing options like:

  • Some snazzy sneakers or converses shoes
  • Washed jeans
  • A well-fitted Henley or similar shirt

Semi-Casual Date Night

Here’s where things start to get important. Date night on Valentine’s Day is critical, especially if you are in the earliest phase of your relationship.

Semi-casual means jeans or comfortable slacks, while upper wear options usually revolve around well-fitted shirts. They can be collared or buttoned depending on your preferences. Some great ideas for a Valentine’s Day casual date night include:

  • Plain white button-down shirts
  • Dark wash pairs of straight leg jeans
  • Black brogue shoes or washed sneakers if they are in a neutral color like navy, gray, or white
  • Well-fitted chinos
  • A polo shirt in a masculine color like navy or dark red

The thing to keep in mind is that your semi-casual date night attire should reflect your desire to please your date and show that you can dress yourself up nicely. But you don’t have to go all out and wear fancy clothes.

Berle’s Stretch Twill Charleston Khakis are great options for semi-casual legwear. Try the Fine Line Stretch Twill Khakis for a put-together, mature look that's not quite as heavy and serious as other options.

Semi-Formal Date Night

When it comes to semi-formal Valentine's Day date night, things get even more serious. For a semi-formal date at a really nice restaurant or a show (like a play or orchestra performance), you’ll want to wear:

  • Something with sleeves, like a collared shirt and vest or a shirt and jacket
  • Roll the sleeves up for added style and sexiness
  • Wear tailored slacks or chinos depending on just how formal the occasion is. Or try Berle’s Luxury Italian Corduroy Trousers, which come in flat front and pleated varieties. These trousers are comfortable, stylish, and exceptionally luxurious
  • Pair those with Oxford boots or dark-colored shoes. Be sure to polish them

Then add some accessories to your ensemble to make it look even more put together. A nice watch and a good belt in a complementary color will round out everything quite nicely.

You can alternatively opt for a tailored suit in a color like navy, gray, or white. The right suit will make you look absolutely stunning and really show your lucky lady that you are worth going out with to a Valentine's Day date.

If you opt for a suit, find out what your lady is going to wear and make sure to choose the color of your tie to complement her dress.

Formal Date Night, All the Bells and Whistles

A formal Valentine's Day date, such as to a five-star restaurant or to a gala, means one thing: tux time! As a man, you have your work cut out for you. Find a place to tailor a tuxedo for you (if you don’t have one already) or consider renting a tux if buying one is a bit out of the budget for now.

Your tuxedo will be black and white and come with all the accessories needed to complete the outfit.

Going to Dinner?

One last tip – if you plan on going to dinner on Valentine's Day night (which is very common), try to avoid white clothes. Why? Simply put, if you spill a drop of wine on your clothes, it's easier to mask the mistake if it's a dark color rather than plain white.

Now that you’re armed with these tips, you’re ready to make the most of your upcoming Valentine’s Day. Good luck, guys!