Men's Loafers and Shorts: Style Tips For Men

There are few ways to dress more comfortably in the summer than with a nice pair of shorts and loafers. The problem for many men is that they’re self-conscious about how this pair might look. So, how do you make sure that your wardrobe is stocked with great outfits that will have you looking smartly dressed, even in casual summer events? We have the answer with these great style tips for men on how to wear men’s loafers and shorts.

Style Tips For Wearing Men’s Loafers and Shorts

No matter what clothes you ultimately pick, you’ll look well-dressed if you stick to the following style tips:

  • Don’t wear shorts that go past the knee. The proper fit for shorts is fairly tight these days—you’ll want to keep it above the knee. Anything that drops to the kneecap itself or below should be considered a no-no, especially when you wear shorts with loafers. Why? Because this length of shorts will condense the visual length of the leg. Always wear shorts that are proportional to your leg length by keeping the shorts above the knee.
  • When wearing a belt, match it to the loafers. One classic example of shorts and loafers done well includes brown loafers, khaki shorts, and a brown belt. When you match your belt to the color of your loafers, you can’t go wrong. For instance, if you wore these Microfiber Self-Sizer Shorts in Tan, brown loafers and a formal brown belt would pair nicely. It’s possible to wear a belt that doesn’t directly parallel your loafer color, but make sure that they don’t clash—avoid black shoes and a brown belt, and vice versa.
  • Go sockless. Even if you wear low-rise socks in the shoes, the key to pulling off the shorts-with-loafers look is to show as much leg as possible. A bare ankle gives your overall look the proper proportion you want, while wearing visible socks with loafers makes the look too casual.

These rules will help steer you in the right direction. But, if you’re looking for more tangible ideas for your wardrobe, here are some visual examples of how you can wear shorts with loafers.

Men’s Loafers and Shorts: Specific Examples

  •  Prime Poplin Pleated Shorts in Navy. Our first example is an easy one; it’s hard to miss the mark when you wear navy shorts. While you can go the traditional route with a brown belt and brown shoes, navy works well with just about any color, including white, tan, and khaki. Prime Poplin Pleated Shorts in Navy make an ideal pairing if you want to try new colors, such as light grey boat shoes. Match the shoes with a canvas belt of the appropriate color—ideally, they should be about the same. 

  • Charleston Khakis Washed, Khaki-Pleated. These lightly salmon-colored shorts work well with white, brown, grey, and just about any loafer color you can imagine. Keep in mind that the pleating on a pair of shorts like these will call for a smart pair of loafers; anything too casual like sandals will tend to look out of place.


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