Men’s Short Leg Trousers

For men with short legs, the standard pants are simply uncomfortable. Excess fabric bunches at the ankle, or worse: it gets caught underneath your shoes and rubs on the ground. This is especially true if you have short legs relative to your torso, as it can change the expectation of what a “well-fitting trouser” means to you when compared to standard sizes.

If you’re sick of cuffing your own pants only for them to unfold again, we have a better way of buying men’s short leg trousers online. Use our complimentary hemming or cuffing to ensure a perfect pair of pants that hits your ankle just right.

Hemming vs. Cuffing: What’s the Difference?

You’ve likely heard these two terms before. Each one shortens the length of your trouser legs so that they don’t bunch up or get caught underneath your shoes. But what’s the difference between the two terms, and which one is a best for short leg trousers?

  • A hem is accomplished by folding in the fabric. This is done for practical reasons alone: shortening the pant leg.
  • A cuff folds the fabric on the outside of the leg, which accomplishes two things: it shortens the length of the leg and provides a decorative contrast by exposing the inside of the fabric. While cuffs can serve the same practical purpose as a hem, they’re just as often done to add contrast to the outfit.

At Berle, our complimentary hemming includes either choice. That means the shortened pants leg style is up to you. Do you simply want short leg trousers or are you looking for something that’s also a trendy way to add some color and contrast to the bottom of your pants?

Shopping for Your Best-Fitting Trousers

Armed with the knowledge that you’ll receive complimentary hemming on your trousers, you can shop through our collections to find the ideal pair of pants for you. To make it even easier, try browsing through our Self-Sizer options. You’ll be able to input the exact inseam you want. Although hemming with us is free, the process is even easier if you know your own measurements so you can secure a proper fit without any alterations at all.

Not sure about your size? You have a couple of options here:

  • Visit a tailor to get measured. Simply getting measured won’t cost you much at all; you’ll just ask them to write down the relevant numbers for inseam, rise, waist, etc.
  • Check your favorite pants. Use your best-fitting trousers for comparison.

You’re more likely to get an accurate set of numbers if you visit a tailor. But if you still think that most men’s pant legs are too long for you, you can always select your ideal bottom finish at our self-sizer pages. Here you can choose a cuff, a hem, or simply to leave the pants unfinished if you think you’ve got the fit right.

Shop Berle Trousers

There’s no reason anyone should have to suffer through long pants that bunch up at the ankle. Sort out a proper fit with a great pair of men’s short leg trousers from Berle, and you’ll never have to.

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