Clumsy? Try Spill Proof Pants!

Graceless. Oafish. Klutzy. Clumsy. If any of the above words have ever been used to describe you, then it’s no wonder you stand in fear of spilling a drink on that fresh new pair of men’s trousers. To ease the stress and keep you looking great, you’re going to need some trousers that can put up with any bout of clumsiness. Fortunately, we have just the pair you’re looking for. Try these spill proof pants options and tips!

Spill-Proof Your Pants

No, you can’t start wearing a tarp over your trousers. But you can do the next best thing: find spill proof pants that offer water and moisture resistance. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Wear Performance Khaki. Consider our casual spill-proof pants here. The wrinkle- and stain-resistant cotton twill is perfect for anyone that either suffers from an occasional bout of clumsiness or has to wear khakis so often that they simply can’t avoid a few stains here and there. If you’re self-conscious about muddying up a fresh pair of trousers, these performance khakis will give you the boost in confidence you need.
  • Try darker colors. A wine stain set in khaki pants will be obvious. But darker colors have a way of hiding stains that can be critical—say, when you’re suddenly called to be a part of a wedding photo. For those formal events that require a consistent look, try sticking to darker colors for a while. They’ll give you more “clumsiness wiggle room” and will look good even if you have a perfect night.

Spill-Proof Your Habits

The simplest thing you can do to keep your trousers looking their best is adopt a few key habits to give yourself a boost in the clumsiness department:

  • Keep your glass half-full. No, we don’t mean to stay optimistic—although that certainly wouldn’t hurt. We mean to stop holding and moving glasses of wine, soda, and other beverages that are filled up so high that the slightest bump will send liquid spilling out over your trousers. Go with simpler servings, and let the glass do the work for you.
  • Watch where you step. It’s the oldest advice in the book, but you’d be surprised how often even the most graceful people among us can mark up a good pair of trousers simply by missing a concrete step between road and street—or that pool of ice water that’s already been spilled on the floor. A little conscientiousness will go a long way.

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In truth, spills, marks, and other trouser issues aren’t as common as you might think—even if you’re predisposed to them. But there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a little clumsiness protection when you find the right men’s spill-proof pants for you.