Men’s Vintage Trousers No Wardrobe Should Be Without

A good pair of men’s vintage trousers is more than just a nice thing to wear. It’s an addition to your wardrobe that can have an effect on your confidence, your style, your ability to go out in the world and feel your best. But that doesn’t just happen automatically. If you want all of the above, you’ll have to find the vintage trousers you need. We just so happen to have four slices of that vintage style you’re after.

Sunny Stretch Compact Twill – Silver

The traditional “business casual” pant is usually something a little—well, let’s face it, it’s boring. Not so when you buy the right trousers. This pair of Sunny Stretch Compact Twill in Silver is a fantastic way to break up the usual “work uniform” of the week and add a little bit of flavor to your outfits. And because the fabric is 98% cotton and 2% spandex, the “stretchy” quality of these pants makes them high-performance, capable of handling outdoor events while bringing the casual-yet-dressy style of a great pair of khakis.

Sunny Stretch Twill In Charleston Brick

Okay, so we’re repeating fabrics here, but there’s a good reason for it: Charleston Brick is an essential color to add to your wardrobe. It’s casual, it’s business-ready, it’s fun, it’s laid back—it’s everything you could want in a pair of men’s vintage trousers. You’ll find the same advantages here as you did with the Sunny Stretch Compact Twill pants above, which means that these pants are high performance and more comfortable than the “stuffy” chinos you might be used to. There’s nothing stiff or uncomfortable here—just a great experience in wearing quality trousers.

Classic Vintage Twill in Relax Fit (White)

A good pair of chinos for the summer is essential if you have to avoid wearing shorts—say, for the office—but still want to keep cool and breathable all the while. Classic Vintage Twill paired with our solid white color is your best bet here. Not only is the color light enough to reflect some sunlight, but the 100% cotton is breathable and designed for the outdoors. It’s constructed with a “traditional Southern” twill, making it the kind of vintage piece with a style that lasts—in any wardrobe.

Stretch Corduroy – Fatigue

Although corduroy isn’t always a fabric for all seasons, its style is definitely for all years. This Stretch Corduroy in Fatigue is the kind of pair of pants you can return to ever autumn and winter and feel right at home. Not only does it make a great alternative to denim, but it will have you feeling comfortable right when the weather’s turning uncomfortable. For that reason, it’s an essential pair of vintage pants for any wardrobe.

More Great Options From Berle

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