Office Jeans for Men: Try Dress Denim

While jeans are a great option for casual wear, they can feel a little too informal in an office setting if they’re not styled correctly. However, our dress denim provides the perfect office jeans for men, as it’s designed to give you a formal look while maintaining the comfort you love. Read on to learn how to create a great business-casual outfit using dress denim from Berle.

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How to Wear Dress Denim the Right Way

Although the fantastic quality of our dress denim is unmistakable, it can’t do all the work for you when it comes to creating a business-appropriate outfit. Take a look a few rules of thumb that will help you properly dress up your jeans for the office:

  • Treat them like khakis. While you might usually wear a T-shirt with your jeans, you’ll want to match your dress denim with savvier clothes. That means treating them like you’re wearing a pair of formal khakis. For example, if you pair Flat Front Dress Denim with a crisp, white button-down and a brown belt as you would normally do with khakis, you’ll have a fool-proof office look.
  • Match with brown and black. When it comes to matching the color of your dress denim to the rest of your outfit, the blue color often goes well with either brown or black. This makes them one of those rare, versatile items in your dresser that can essentially pair with any of your accessories.

What Goes With Dress Denim?

If you think about dress denim as “office jeans for men,” then you’ll have a better idea of what goes with these trousers.

Here’s a simple rule to follow: if you wouldn’t wear it to the office, then it likely will not match with your dress denim. But if you would wear it to a meeting, then you can wear it with your dress denim with full confidence.

For example, you might wear sneakers with jeans while at home. But with dress denim, make sure to upgrade the shoes to something you would wear in an office setting such as oxford shoes or loafers. Dress denim will even pair with cap-toe dress shoes.

You can also dress up dress denim with a suit jacket and a tie, or you can keep it simple with a button-down shirt for a more “business casual” look. Either way, you’ll look office-appropriate. Plus, although you’ll look more formal, you’ll still have the comfort and confidence that comes with wearing a good pair of jeans.

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Get the fit right for your new office jeans with our dress denim self-sizer options from Berle. When you do, you’ll be ready to handle every day at the office while looking and feeling great!

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