Seven Tips for a Perfect Big & Tall Trouser Fit

Everybody deserves to feel great in their clothes. If you’re considering a purchase from Berle and want to ensure your men’s big and tall trousers fit you perfectly, here are seven tips for making it happen.

Treat your big and tall trousers like any other pair.

Whether you’re big, tall, or both, there’s no reason that your trousers should fall out of the rules of good fashion. You’ll want a trouser fit that strikes your ankle without billowing past your shoes. You’ll want the pants to fit whether or not you’re wearing a belt. These are some basic fashion tips that every man should adhere to, no matter what size the trousers might be.

Look at clothes as an investment.

If you buy one pair of trousers that costs twice what another pair costs but can expect as much as twice the longevity, then that’s an investment against future purchases you won’t have to make. In other words, always go for quality over quantity. It’s far better to have big and tall trousers in your closet that you can rely on than to buy a fresh pair every season.

Think about your trousers’ performance.

What do we mean by “performance”? Simple. Look at the actual fabric from which your trousers are constructed. The Performance Dress Khaki, for example, is made from wrinkle and stain-resistant cotton twill. This gives you more flexibility in wearing dress pants in your everyday life.

Have yourself measured first.

Before you buy a quality pair of trousers online, you might not know what words like “inseam” or “bottom finish” refer to. That’s fine. For a small fee, you can have yourself measured by a local tailor. Ask them to write down all of your essential numbers. Then, when you find Big & Tall options like the Cotton/Poly Dress Pants, you can use our tailoring tool, and you’ll know exactly what to enter for a perfect fit.

Buy trousers you actually can see yourself wearing.

These are your trousers, after all—there’s no reason you should buy a pair that you’ll hardly wear. A good fit won’t matter if you don’t like the color and fabric of the pants themselves. In addition to the physical fit, think about the stylistic fit a pair of trousers will have in your wardrobe.

Give yourself a little wiggle room.

If you’re going to buy big and tall trousers online, try to round up instead of down. It’s far easier to bring in a pair of trousers then it is to let them out. So if you’re in doubt about your measurements and the decision comes down to wearing a size up or a size down, err on the side of “sizing up.”

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