Seersucker Style Tips for Men

Seersucker clothing is great to have in your wardrobe. Not only does seersucker look a little nicer than a standard pair of chinos and a collared T-shirt, but it’s also high-quality, durable, and very breathable. Not sure how to wear seersucker jackets, pants, and suits to their maximum effect? Then explore these seersucker style tips for men!

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What is Seersucker?

In a nutshell, seersucker is a fabric that’s characterized by various vertical, thin, textured stripes.

Seersucker clothing is woven with yarn that interweaves with itself at varying tensions, which is what creates its unique texture. The fabric is usually cotton-based, although modern seersucker can also be made of synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon. The fabric is well-known for its air circulation, breathability, and interesting appearance.

Naturally, many men looking to reinvigorate their style or elevate their aesthetic are interested in seersucker clothing.

When Should You Wear Seersucker?

Due to its breathability and puckered appearance, seersucker is ideal as summertime clothing. It’ll help to keep you cool (both in terms of temperature and style) even when it’s hot and humid out. Plus, it’s very difficult to crease since the fabric is creased naturally. Typically, men wear it when they want to create a look that’s smart yet laidback.

While seersucker isn’t as casual as sportswear, it’s still not something you should wear to the office. Instead, treat it as a perfect fabric type for cocktail parties, happy hours, and more casual events that don’t call for a typical suit.

How to Wear Seersucker with Style

Seersucker looks great with shiny shoes, although a pair of Oxfords may be over the top. We’d also recommend choosing your seersucker garments with color matching in mind to maximize your style points. For example, you can easily combine a navy-striped seersucker jacket with a classic white button-down shirt. Add some navy-blue trousers and loafers, and you’ll have a great cocktail dinner ensemble.

Seersucker pants also make for a great ensemble. Get these tailored with a dress shirt and you’ll have the perfect outfit for a weekend party or classy BBQ dinner.

Examples of Seersucker Clothing

Here are some examples of seersucker clothing:

  • Seersucker pants can be worn for almost any occasion, although only wear them to the office if you have a jacket that elevates your formality level. Shop Now.
  • Seersucker suits are typically sold in classically masculine colors, like light blue, gray, and white.
  • Seersucker shirts are great for outdoor afternoons or weekend parties. Pair these with pleated trousers and a slim belt and you’ll look great.
  • Seersucker jackets come in a wider range of colors than full suits, and you can sometimes find lightweight options for particularly hot days. They pair well with fitted slacks and high-quality dress shoes.

General Seersucker Style Tips

Wearing seersucker well comes down to following a few key style tips:

  • Get fitted seersucker attire. This is particularly important for seersucker since the fabric has a little extra bulk. When sizing for seersucker jackets or pants, choose a slimmer size to prevent your outfit from making you look heavier than you are.
  • Combine your seersucker attire with good accessorie If you plan to wear a tie or pocket square, go for warm-weather fabrics like silk. Make sure they’re colored in darker, more sophisticated tones to elevate the formality of your outfit.
  • Pair with derby shoes. These complement seersucker clothing nicely.
  • Avoid contrasting colors with your seersucker outfit, as you’ll look a little humorous and old-fashioned. Simple colors are best for combining with seersucker jackets and pants.

Ultimately, seersucker clothes can be great choices if you’re in need of casual attire that's a step above a classic t-shirt and a pair of chinos. But seersucker is also great for its versatility and durability. Remember to follow the style tips and you’ll look great no matter what seersucker clothes you purchase!

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