Seven Essential Tips for Your Trousers

So you’ve invested in a fine pair of trousers. That’s great news! There’s no better way to get a new wardrobe started than to begin with the foundations of fashion—start from the bottom up, right? Here are seven essential tips to help you take the best care of your new trousers and to pull them off in high style.

Read the label for washing instructions.

Don’t start washing your new pair of trousers until you do two things:

  • Know the fabric you’re washing
  • Know the proper settings for your washing machine.

Are all of those weird symbols confusing? Check out Washing Symbols Explained to make sense of the different labels.

True, you generally won’t get into trouble if you ignore this once or twice. But if you take care to properly maintain your trousers over time, your favorite pair could last for years.

Formal event? Pull your socks up tight.

At some point, even a well-fitting pair of trousers is going to squeeze against your knees and expose some ankle. If you’re at a meeting or a formal event that requires a suit, you won’t want to show skin. Invest in a nice pair of ankle socks and pull them up tight, fully expecting that they’ll be seen at some point.

If it’s casual, go sockless.

If the occasion calls for a pair of our casual pants, or even our shorts, you can skip Tip #2 entirely and enjoy a little bit more breeze. This is especially true in spring and summer when the temperatures are high.

Use the Savile Row Fold.

This is a fancy way of keeping your trousers straight without slipping off of your hangers. If you don’t have much of a dresser to speak of, this may be the best way to efficiently store trousers while keeping them wrinkle-free.

Always clear out your pockets at the end of the day.

Invest in a small bowl and place it in your home, right where you first set your keys. Not only will this allow you to change out of your trousers without spilling nickels and quarters all over your bedroom floor, but it will help keep you organized. Plus, you’ll avoid any unfortunate laundry accidents.

Pick your shoes according to your trouser color.

There’s no “life guide” to shoe matching that arrives with your trousers, so you’ll have to figure some of it out yourself. But there are some rules of thumb to keep in mind:

  • Brown shows fit with earth tones, light grey, and navy
  • Black shoes go with dark grey, black, and navy
  • Match your belt to your shoes—if your belt looks out of place, then there’s a good chance that your shoes do too

If you have to wear a belt, your trousers don’t fit.

The same is true of trousers that ride up on you every single time you sit down. There’s nothing wrong with the trousers themselves—they simply don’t fit. Find the best local tailor you can and try their services—you’ll be surprised at just how affordable they can be. Or buy a new pair!

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