Statement Wardrobe Pieces to Invest In

Today’s fashion world is much different than it has been in years past. Of course, things will keep evolving over time. However, one thing hasn’t changed over the years when it comes to fashion. That is wearing clothes to make a statement. 

This guide will delve into the topic of statement wardrobe pieces. We’ll suggest what you can invest in - even if it means doing so on a budget. These pieces are also timeless, meaning they will never go out of style now or even a decade from now. Let’s waste no time and get started. 

What are statement wardrobe pieces? 

Statement pieces are designed to stand out a bit. You may be sending some kind of message to the people around you in regards to what you wear. It may be something that speaks volumes in terms of your personality - which can be done wearing your favorite colors.  

Or you could be putting together an entire ensemble. If you’re someone who is professional and all business, you might consider Berle’s Super 100’s Gabardine Flat Front trousers. Pair it with a button-down and even a blazer and you’ll rock the professional look that exudes an “always be closing” kind of attitude. 

What are some good statement pieces to wear?   

Now that you have a basic definition of what a statement wardrobe piece is, let’s take a look at what some good examples are. You can add your own little twist of personality to it whenever you feel so inclined. Here are some examples: 


First, let’s take a look at outerwear. You can wear something outside that can exude confidence and command attention. For example, aim for faux fur coats or even a leather moto jacket. It might depend on the event setting.   

A blazer with a pattern may also be something to consider. If you are wearing something that’s plaid, you may want to grab a pair of Berle’s Royal Stewart Wool Plaid - available in flat front or pleated. Imagine rocking this at an outdoor social gathering that might make you the life of the party. 

Denim with a twist of personality 

Denim is a timeless classic and for good reason. But you can use it to make a statement as well - be it slim-fit cargo pants or even a jacket made from distressed denim. You can add a little personal edge to it so you can exude your individuality. Bold washes and unexpected cuts just might be something to play around with if you’re a sucker for denim wear. 

Accessories that make you more masculine 

If you want to add a little bit more flare to your statement style, you can choose the right accessories that fit you best. For example, aviator sunglasses with polarized lenses will give you a bit of that edge. Pair it with a leather belt and you’ve got the statement look of a rough rider who is carefree and likes to live a bit on the wild side. You might also want to include something like a belt buckle that might stand out a bit. 

Making a statement with accessories may create an opportunity to get a little loud. But don’t make it too loud as it can get quite distracting. If you have to make a bold statement, it should be done through parts of your wardrobe and not just the accessories themselves. 

Luxurious knits for a classic look 

Are you looking to make a statement that exudes class and sophistication? Knitwear just might be what you’re looking for. These include merino wool turtlenecks, textured cardigans, and cable-knit sweaters. You can don these with a pair of dress trousers to compliment the look. 

Premium fabrics are what you are looking for here. It’s the kind of style that you can sport whether you’re at home or stepping out with that special someone on a Friday night. Either way, you’re telling the world that you have style, class, and appreciate something that is considered timeless. 

Final Thoughts 

Statement wardrobes don’t have to be too bold or too loud. It can be enough to express your personality without saying a word. Choosing the right clothing pieces can be a challenge. But choose one that fits your personal style and the statement you want to make.  

At Berle, we offer trousers that can be all part of the statement you can make to the world. Find a pair that fits you best and you’re good to go. Get started now by checking out what we have.