The Ultimate Guide to Spring Styles 2022

Spring is in full swing, so it's past time for you to update your wardrobe and make sure you're ready to sport slick spring style the next time you go on a date or hang out with your friends. It can be tough to revamp your wardrobe to fit the sunny weather on a dime, so let’s break down some key spring style tips you can use for 2022 and beyond.

Fabrics to Focus On

First up are fabrics. You’ll need to get rid of the thick cotton T-shirts and wool blazers you wore as staples throughout winter. Instead, you’ll want to prioritize shorts, shirts, and other articles made of the following fabrics:

  • Regular cotton, which is breathable and comfortable
  • Linen, which is lightweight and supremely cool. It’s great if your springtime weather tends to be a bit hotter than average
  • Silk for certain shirts and undergarments, particularly if spring means hot nighttime weather and you don’t want to sweat underneath the covers

In terms of upper wear, try to target colorful T-shirts (without graphics, unless you're at a super casual event or get-together). Collared polo shirts are great for semi-casual business meetings, cocktail parties, and dates.

Alternatively, you could hang onto your long-sleeved shirts for another month or two. However, make sure these follow the color guide broken down below.

Color Guide for Spring

In a nutshell, you’ll want to aim for lighter colors rather than brighter colors. Most guys look great in generally darker, masculine shades like navy, gray, and so on. Therefore, you don’t need to go bright orange or yellow to announce that spring is here.

Instead, stick with the same colors but choose shirts and shorts in a shade or two lighter compared to your winter wardrobe. For example, if you have a dark blue shirt you like for winter, wear a medium blue or light blue shirt in spring.

Of course, you also can’t go wrong with pastel colors like eggshell or Robin’s egg blue. Pink can work for some men, but be sure it goes well with your skin tone before rocking a pink collared shirt and cream shorts.

Layer Up Until Summer

In many areas of the country, springtime weather can still be a bit chilly compared to the heat and humidity of summer. Therefore, layering up is the name of the game. It might not be a bad idea to wear a light jacket in a complementary color to your shirt over your T-shirt in the morning. When noon rolls around, you can strip off the over shirt or jacket and rock your T-shirt until evening.

Layering looks great for most guys and can bulk you up if you’ve been skipping your regular gym sessions.

Shorts for a Springtime Style

Jeans can still work for spring, but you will lean more into the springtime aesthetic if you switch to shorts (weather permitting, of course). Berle’s Charleston Khaki Washed Shorts are excellent options for guys. They’re made of stretch twill for added comfort and flexibility, plus come in lots of great spring-appropriate colors like red, salmon, green, gray, and more.

Alternatively, try Linen Shorts from Berle. These come in patterns ranging from plain to plaid and feature deep pockets, comfortable seats, and good lengths for the legs.

What Shoes Should You Choose?

Let’s look a bit lower and consider your footwear. Your fall and winter boots or heavier shoes are out; snow should either be melted or well on its way to melting by this point. That means lighter shoes, sleeker profiles, and footwear that goes with your chosen clothing articles. Good picks for springtime shoes include:

  • Penny loafers, which are more stylish alternatives to slip-ons. As a plus, they go perfectly well with jeans and shorts
  • Gray sneakers, which are minimalist but a little warmer than pure black shoes
  • Suede Chukka boots, which could be a bit thick but which might still be appropriate if your climate is a little wetter and colder than other parts of the country.

Socks and Accessories

You can round out your springtime outfits with the right white or lightly-colored socks plus accessories. Your masculine staples, like a watch with a leather band and matching belt, will serve you perfectly well whether you’re dressing for work or for fun with your friends.

At the end of the day, spring style is all about lightening your colors, keeping things slim and short, and heralding the coming of summer. Follow the style tips above and you’ll be sure to look stellar no matter what the situation calls for!