5 Unique Trouser Picks for Your Office Wardrobe

On Monday, you wear the same khakis you’ve owned for several years. In the middle of the week, you shift between dress trousers—even though they’re not in as good a shape as they used to be—and a pair of old dress pants because you’re running out of options in the dresser. On Friday, you go casual. Rinse, repeat. If that sounds like your usual office attire, it might be time to mix it up. Here are a few of our favorite tailored trouser picks for changing things up while still looking professional.

The Best of Worsted Wool

Navy and khaki are foundational, versatile colors. But why not mix it up with a “Houndstooth” grey worsted wool pant with a subtle checking pattern? It’s every bit as formal as your finest tailored trousers but gives you a fresh color scheme that’s great for dark dress accessories like a black leather belt and matching black shoes. You can easily pair grey with black, blue, and even green to give your weekly dress routine a little bit of variety.

Going Tropical

We don’t mean your next vacation, either. Our Wool Tropical Plain Weave comes in a variety of colors, is easily customizable to your specific size, and provides a unique texture compared to your usual pair of khakis. The double reverse pleat is ideal for formal settings, especially if you spend a lot of time in the office standing or giving presentations and need a balanced silhouette.

Super 130’s

The Super 130’s Tasmanian Gabardine Flat Front pant is another offering that comes in over half a dozen color options, which allows you to pick the perfect fit for your wardrobe. These smooth, firm pants offer plenty of performance for the workweek, which in turn gives you the freedom to wear them week in and week out while still counting on looking your best.

Mix it Up with Wool Flannel

When you hear the phrase “wool flannel,” these Wool Flannel Pleated trousers probably aren’t what you picture. And that’s a good thing. Wool Flannel can be surprisingly professional and versatile, not to mention comfortable enough to keep on wearing for repeated office use.

Once again, we have an option here that offers different coloring choices, including a “char blue” that likely looks like nothing else in your current tailored trouser drawer.

Super 100’s

Finally, if you want a choice that will pair well with just about anything you need for the office—blazers, dress shirts, and the like—the Super 100’s Gabardine are a great choice. All of the essential colors are here—khaki and white, grey, navy, and darker options.

If you want to pull off any of these outside-the-box pants at your office, make sure to get the right size by entering in your specific information accurately. And don’t forget to browse all of our tailored trouser options to find something fresh and new for your wardrobe.

May 30, 2017 by Berle Editor
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