Use Winter Colors to Your Advantage

The winter season often seems a little muted compared to the bright colors and carefree fashion of summer, but it can be a great time to redo your wardrobe or add some slick new articles to your regular outfit rotation. In fact, you can use winter colors to your advantage and put together a great outfit in no time.

What Are “Winter” Colors?

When it comes to wardrobe colors, remember that there aren’t any hard and fast categories or rules. What counts as a “winter” color is dependent on your personality and culture.

That said, masculine winter colors in America usually lean into darker, more nature-oriented hues. In contrast, summer or spring colors are usually brighter, more bombastic, and reflect the bright sunlight bathing the landscape.

Some of the most common masculine winter colors include:

  • Brown
  • Navy blue
  • Gray
  • Olive or emerald green
  • Burgundy
  • Teal or dark turquoise

When putting together a winter wardrobe, try to choose these colors so you look seasonal and stylish at the same time.

How to Mix Winter Colors for Men’s Wardrobes

Fortunately, mixing winter colors is pretty easy once you grasp a few core philosophies:

  • Brighter colors are usually on top (i.e. on your shirt or jacket instead of your trousers)
  • Colors should complement each other at all times
  • Never have more than three colors total

Regarding the last point, imagine putting together a wardrobe with four separate colors: a brown blazer, a burgundy shirt, navy blue pants, and olive green shoes. The resulting mix of colors will look chaotic and confusing rather than intentional or attractive.

You’ll also want to keep to the first point as often as possible. Why? Brighter colors draw the eyes of observers. You’ll want them to be looking at your shirt and your face more than your pants. There are some exceptions to this, of course, but only if your upperwear and legwear follow point two.

Complementary colors are king. For instance, brown and burgundy are great winter colors that go well together. You could potentially wear a brown shirt or jacket and muted olive trousers, suck as khakis, and look great.

Winter Colors for Shirts and Jackets

Winter colors for shirts and jackets are easy to find in stores. Classic examples include:

  • Dark brown jackets
  • Olive green shirts
  • Burgundy shirts, especially long sleeve shirts you can roll up to your forearms
  • A teal or dark turquoise sweater
  • And more

Once more, it’s usually wiser to have your brighter colors on top than on your legs. But this rule can be flipped on its head if the colors are complementary.

Winter Colors for Legwear

Legwear for winter usually includes jeans in some shade of navy or trousers, like chinos or khakis. Many khakis already come in complementary colors, like beige, brown, or camel.

Or you can try corduroy pants, like Berle’s Charleston Stretch Corduroy. These 14 Wale Stretched corduroy pants come in a classic tan color that’s perfect for pairing with your winter sweaters or jackets, especially if you’re looking for work trousers. You can alternatively get the exact same trousers in navy – this could work if your sweater or jacket is in a color like dark blue or brown instead.

No matter what, be sure to choose your shirt or jacket color based on the color of your pants. Odds are you’ll have many more options for upperwear shades than legwear colors!

Shoes and Accessories

Don’t forget your shoes and accessories, like a watch or belt. Once more, complementary colors are ideal, so pick a brown or navy belt to go with your trousers and shirt. Shoes like oxfords or dark boots are also nice, especially if you’re trying to keep your feet dry during winter rainstorms.

Wrap Up

Any man can use winter colors to his advantage if he thinks carefully about what colors he wears, where those colors are on his body, and how the colors complement each other. If you’re ever in need of tailored, winter trousers, look no further than Berle! Our collection of tailored pants may be just what you need for your next cocktail party or work outfit.