Vacation Style: Packing Tips to Keep Your Trousers Fresh

You put a lot of effort into looking your best, particularly when it comes to your trousers. So why should you throw all of that effort out the window simply because you’re traveling?

Anyone who’s taken a vacation will remember just how difficult it can be to keep clothes fresh while checking baggage. Clothes get wrinkled and musty while traveling, and by the time they arrive, they may seem like they’re unusable. But just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your sense of style has to take a break too. Avoid the wrinkles with these secrets to help keep your clothes, especially your trousers, as crisp and fresh as possible.

Roll, Don’t Fold

True, if you buy a pleated pair of khakis, then you’re counting on some of those familiar wrinkles showing up. But wrinkles in your trousers from being in the luggage too long? That’s a different story entirely.


You’re not going to completely eliminate wrinkles with the “roll, don’t fold” method. But you will likely reduce many of these wrinkles, and with this tip, you’ll unlock a few other tantalizing travel advantages—like freeing up packing space! You can easily roll other items into your trousers like socks and underwear in order to reduce the overall amount of space your clothes take up in your bag. Plus, rolled-up trousers are easy to stack at the bottom of your bag, taking up the corners of your luggage that would otherwise go unused. Save wrinkles, save space.

Iron on the Road

If you’re staying in a hotel, then make sure to call ahead and ask if they have everything you need to iron out your trousers. When you’re traveling on business and you have to look good for a presentation, this simple phone call can mean the difference between looking your absolute best and looking like you just got off the plane.

By the way, if you’re not familiar with ironing, now’s the time to brush up. Watch a couple of helpful YouTube videos like this one from Art of Manliness.

When Possible, Wear the Trousers

Want to make sure that your trousers don’t look wrinkled from a night spent in luggage? Then you can pack your shorts on vacation and wear your trousers with you on the plane. Sure, this might not always be an option, but when it’s convenient, it’s the smartest way to take your trousers on the go.

Use this same strategy for your other favorite items, as well. Travel wearing your favorite clothes—the clothes you least want to get wrinkled. While a few hours of sitting in an airplane seat isn’t the ideal way to treat these clothes, it’s usually better than at the bottom of checked luggage.

Buy High-Quality

There’s a reason it’s important to look for quality and not quantity. High-quality pants like Charleston Khakis will tend to keep better than the cheaply-made trousers you can find at your local mega-mart.

That’s not to say that there’s any way to guarantee your clothes will totally avoid wrinkles. But if you travel smart and keep these tips in mind, your tailored trousers stand a much better chance at arriving with the same quality you’re used to at home.