What Color Shirts Go with Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants are classic menswear staples, and for a good reason. They’re versatile, durable, and just as appropriate for working at a job site as hanging out with your coworkers on Friday evenings. But your khaki pants can’t pick up all the slack. You’ll also need to wear them with the right colors of shirts. So today, let’s break down what color shirts go well with khaki pants.

White Shirts

White shirts are perfect partners for khaki pants. White shirts, after all, are classic. A white tee is an excellent choice whether you’re doing outside chores in the summer or heading to work on a casual Friday. So it’s no surprise they pair perfectly with workman’s khaki pants, too. Moreover, a white shirt might go especially well with classic khakis in the old-school, traditional brown/beige color, like these Charleston Dress Khakis from Berle. The colors coordinate rather than clash, giving you a respectable, classic look.

Gray Shirts and Sweaters

You can also wear gray shirts and sweaters with your khaki pants. Gray works surprisingly well with the beige and brown shades of khakis. Both colors are neutral, so you won’t make your aesthetic too busy or complicated for comfort. Gray shirts and sweaters can be worn with brown boots, black boots, or any other footwear you happen to have.

Navy Upperwear

Dark blue shirts look great with khaki pants in most cases. That said, wear your navy shirts with any pair of khakis aside from those leaning more toward the color wheel’s yellow side. Yellow and blue can look good in specific contexts, but as a general rule of thumb, avoid this pairing to make styling your khaki pants less complicated.

Plaid Button-Up Shirts

Plaid button-up shirts are fun, casual, and engaging in a way that few other shirts are. So if you want to wear your plaid button-up shirts out and about or to work at a casual workplace, feel free to combine them with the khakis of your choice, plus some sneakers or boots. Generally, plaid button-up shirts (especially alongside T-shirts with graphics) go well with brighter khaki trousers, like these canvas khakis from Berle. In this way, the brightness of the khakis won’t overwhelm your upper wear and vice versa.

Maroon and Burgundy Shirts

Maroon and burgundy are classic romantic colors. Lots of guys look great in maroon dress shirts or button-down shirts. But did you know you can also pair these shirts with the khakis of your choice? The brown and beige colors of khaki pants pair very well with maroon and burgundy shirts in most cases. But, of course, that’s doubly true if your khakis are dark-colored. Together, these colors can create a relatively dusky and romantic look.

To ensure enough contrast, pair maroon or burgundy shirts and overshirts with lighter khaki trousers, such as these Charleston Khaki Pants from Berle. Again, avoid wearing the same color all over to prevent a look that is too monochromatic.

Brown Shirts and Jackets

You can make brown shirts and jackets work with your brown khakis, but you have to ensure that the khakis and shirts are not the same shade of brown. Otherwise, you’ll look monochromatic and perhaps a bit clownish. For the best results, choose a darker brown for your khakis. Then wear any lighter brown color for your shirt or jacket. This combination will highlight your facial features while allowing the darker khakis to create an imposing silhouette.

Denim Jackets

Lastly, consider wearing a denim jacket or shirt with your khaki pants. Some may think this is slightly overkill, but blue denim goes quite well with the durable brown fabric that makes up most khaki trousers. Both denim jackets and khaki trousers evoke a blue-collar aesthetic. This look can be perfect if you pair a denim jacket, for instance, with a white T-shirt, some workman’s boots, a basic watch, and a belt for a complete outfit.

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