What to Consider When Buying Men’s Clothing Gift Cards

Let’s be honest: it’s usually tougher to find great gifts for men than it is for women. When you ask your husband, father, brother, or another important man in your life what he wants for his birthday, you’ll be lucky to get a grunt or shrug in reply! Fortunately, you can never go wrong with a men's clothing gift card.

Good gift cards at top retailers let you give your friend or loved one the option to upgrade his wardrobe without constraint. Read on for five careful considerations so you can pick the right card every time. Or, if you’re ready to grab your gift and go, our Berle gift cards are here to save the day.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Men’s Clothing Gift Card

1.     What Style Does Your Man Wear?

Firstly, consider the typical style of clothing that your gift recipient wears. For example, does your dad exemplify typical “dad fashion”? Does your boyfriend or husband tend to wear lazy clothes and cargo shorts on the weekend, but smart casual clothes during the work week?

Once you figure out the clothing style your man wears, you can then pick out the right gift card for his needs by targeting specific brands. As an example, Berle offers tailored slacks for professional men who need to look great at the office and on formal occasions like weddings. Thus, a gift card for Berle’s tailored pants could be great if you know your guy already wears clothing like this.

Considering this first and foremost will prevent you from purchasing a gift card for a clothing brand that your man doesn’t usually shop at. Don’t forget to skip this step when doing your initial research!

2.     Does He Need Specific Clothes?

Next, think about what your significant other or father usually wears. Is there a specific type of clothing he’s missing? For instance, does your future gift card recipient not have a tailored suit for wearing to weddings or nice dates? Does he not have any tailored pants at all?

If you can identify a gap in his wardrobe, you can give him a gift card for a clothing brand that can help fill that gap. It’s a much nicer way of telling your friend or family member that he “really needs new socks” without getting him the socks yourself.

3.     Does He Have a Favorite Brand?

Alternatively, pay attention to what your friend or family member wears over the weeks preceding your purchase. Does he wear clothes from a specific brand more often than not? If so, you can go the easy route and simply pick up a gift card for clothes from the same brand. This is a surefire way to please him for a holiday or birthday without having to do too much research or running any risk.

4.     Can You Help Him "Upgrade" His Wardrobe?

Lots of guys could use a little help with their wardrobes. That's okay! You can politely and thoughtfully help with that task by providing him with a gift card to a high-quality or upper-class apparel shop. For instance, a tailored clothing shop can help your guy get started upgrading his wardrobe by wearing clothes that are meant for his body shape, rather than trying to fit into clothes made for the general population.

Wardrobe upgrades provide dividends for men in their personal and professional lives, so you can’t go wrong with buying a gift card when considering this aspect.

5.     Is There a Good Price Range for His Needs?

Lastly, consider the price of the gift card itself. For example, is $50 enough for a full suit? Probably not. Decide what kind of clothing you want to help your man buy, then be sure to fill it with enough cash to cover the costs. If you aren’t sure how much those clothes will cost, do a bit of research and find prices for similar clothing articles online.

Men’s Clothing Gift Cards at Berle

There’s a lot to think about before buying a gift card for a man in your life! But there’s also good news; you don’t have to think too hard about which gift card to purchase. Instead, pick up a Berle gift card. When you give your brother, father, or husband the gift of Berle, you give them the power to revitalize their wardrobe and purchase smart, fitted clothes that look and feel great. Choose a gift card of between $50 and $500, below.