What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Grab your forks and don’t forget to pick up a bottle of apple cider on the way over to your parents’ or grandparents’ house – it’s almost turkey time!

Even though Thanksgiving dinner is more about the food than what everyone is wearing, you still need to know what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. No one wants to be sitting next to the slob in sweatpants wolfing down turkey and potatoes, right?

Don't know where to begin? Let's break down how you can choose your clothes for Thanksgiving dinner quickly and easily.

Casual or Semi-Formal?

Consider whether your family’s Thanksgiving dinner is more of a casual or semi-formal affair. If it’s the former, you can go with a comfortable sweater or light jacket and can probably get away with untailored pants.

If it’s semi-formal, you’ll need to wear nicer clothes like a blazer, dress shirt, and well-tailored slacks.

If you’re planning to visit the in-laws or your significant other’s family, you may want to turn up the style a notch. Wear pants that are well-fitted and preferably tailored. Choose a nice watch and remember to follow the dress code that your significant other specifies. After all, you want to make a good impression whether the people you’re eating with are your current in-laws or if they could become your in-laws in the future.

Comfort is Key

But above all else, be sure to choose Thanksgiving clothes with comfort in mind. You’ll be eating a lot of food, so comfortable shirts and legwear you can eat and then relax in are vital. That means clothes that are well fitted for your body or that are even a little loose – you may even decide to leave your belt at home depending on how big Thanksgiving dinner normally is.

Shirts and Sweaters

Let's get into some specifics. When it comes to shirts and sweaters, consider the weather for Thanksgiving evening. With cold weather approaching, a classic knit sweater is a great choice. It’s both comfortable and depending on the pattern, you can bring some class to your casual outfit.

A simple button-down shirt is also a good option. This allows you to stylize your outfit with an overshirt like a shirt jacket. Choose your shirts and sweaters in colors that best fit your aesthetic and style. Wearing layers like this is perfect for autumn weather. You can take off a layer when you become too warm, and you won’t decrease your level of style.


When it comes to legwear, you have a couple of major options depending on the formality level of the Thanksgiving dinner coming up.

If it’s more of a semiformal occasion, you’ll want to choose comfortable yet classy trousers that look great and allow you to relax during and after dinner. Berle’s Corduroy Pants, such as these 8 Wale Luxury Corduroy Trousers, are perfect for any Thanksgiving feast thanks to their comfortable texture and many available sizes.

However, maybe you need something a little more formal. Dress Khakis such as these trousers could be a great fit in that case, though keep in mind that these pants will be a better choice for Thanksgiving if your family is more strict and you want a more formal look.

Still need to up your formality game? Berle’s Fancies collection of trousers could be the perfect pick. These pants are stretchy, feature fabulous finishes, and come in a variety of colors. Or you can lean the other way and pick casual, humorous pants like these Royal Steward Wool Plaid Pants, which come with a plaid pattern perfect for more relaxed Thanksgiving meals.

Shoes and Accessories

Once you’ve picked out your shirt, sweater, and pants, all that’s left is to choose shoes and accessories. Loafers are fine for relaxed Thanksgiving meals with close friends and family members, but you can also choose fancier, polished shoes like Oxfords for church-related dinners.

A nice watch and a turkey-themed tie can also work for such Thanksgivings. Ultimately, think about what other people will wear and remember that you want to be comfortable more than anything else when eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Fortunately, men have tons of style options when it comes to dressing for this delicious day. Check out Berle’s tailored trousers if you need some stylish pants for Thanksgiving this year!