Where Do Dads Shop for Clothes?

Just like the rest of their families, dads need clothes, too! But unlike kids or other family members, many dads put their clothes shopping far down the list of priorities. After all, they are usually the ones to care least about what they wear, and the ones least likely to need replacement clothes (looking at you, growth spurting teenagers).

That all said, dads need to know where they can shop to find quality apparel all year round. Let’s break down where dads shop for clothes and why they shop there in detail.

Budget Apparel Outlets

Lots of fathers tend to shop at budget apparel outlets. These are places like Walmart, Target, and similar retailers.

Why? Simply put, it lets them save money. When a dad needs a new work shirt or a pair of shorts he can wear while mowing the lawn, he isn’t going to spend lots of money on quality apparel. After all, those clothes are just going to become dirty sooner rather than later!

Budget apparel outlets let dads spend more of their money on their wives, husbands, and/or kids instead. In the eyes of many fathers, that’s money well spent.

What Do They Buy?

Typically, dads will buy lots of different clothes at budget apparel outlets. They’ll buy:

  • Working clothes, like cargo shorts, secondhand jeans, and plain T-shirts
  • Graphic tees for hanging around the house or having a guys' night out
  • Pajamas; most men don’t care about having ultra-luxurious pajamas compared to women

Sports Shops

Many dads have one or more sports teams they are big fans of. Therefore, it’s no surprise that lots of those fathers tend to pick up at least a few clothing articles at popular sports shops, whether they are at a ballpark or online.

Sports shops are less affordable than budget-minded apparel outlets, but they do let dads showcase their team spirit when they attend a game with their buddies or their families.

What Do They Buy?

Dads can find lots of great clothing articles at sports shops, both for attending sports games and for doing yard work or hanging out at home. These clothing options include:

  • Baseball caps
  • Sneakers
  • Jerseys – a mainstay of men from the ages of 18 to 50, it seems
  • Shorts
  • Gym workout equipment, like basketball shorts or tank tops
  • T-shirts
  • And more

However, dads don’t usually shop at sports shops if they want high-quality clothing they can wear to a date.

Tailored Clothing Retailers

However, when a dad needs to look his best, make no mistake – he’ll make a stop at a quality tailored clothing retailer. Whether he needs a full suit, trousers, or something else, many dads know that they have to visit the best from time to time. After all, they can’t keep wooing their significant others with torn clothes or work shirts, right?

Tailored clothing retailers allow dads to showcase their style and fashion sense. It's at these places that fathers can show "they've still got it" and pick up clothing articles that make them look handsome and even young, depending on their shape and style.

What Do They Buy?

Dads by a lot of different things that tailored clothing retailers. For example, Berle is a popular choice for fathers who often attend professional work events or who work in the office. It’s also a great pick for fathers who like to look put together and professional even on their days off.

Take Berle’s Charleston Khakis, for instance. These washed Poplin pants are comfortable, flexible, and available in a variety of different styles, sizes, and colors.

Or consider Berle’s microfiber pants. These are perfect for heading into the office or for attending an after-work seminar or get-together. They can even double as basic suit pants for semi-formal occasions, such as weddings on the casual side of things.

All in all, dads will buy the following clothing items from tailored retailers:

  • Well fitted trousers and dress pants
  • Full suits and suit jackets
  • Collared or button-down shirts
  • Ties
  • Shoes to go with dress pants or full suits
  • And more

Wrap Up

As you can see, dads shop for clothes in many of the same outlets and retailers as the rest of us. But the next time it’s Father’s Day or your dad’s birthday, consider picking him up a great outfit or a few new clothing articles. Odds are he’ll appreciate it – after all, most dads don’t really like clothes shopping when they could be spending time tackling chores or on their hobbies!