Pleated Shorts


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9 products

Men’s Pleated Khaki Shorts

When shopping for pants or shorts, you typically have two basic options—flat front, or pleated. The performance of the garment is not really going to be affected by your choice. Rather, this is all about style and how you want the shorts or pants to look. If you love the way pleats make you look, our men’s pleated khaki shorts are an obvious choice. We offer a full range of styles with a double reverse pleat, which provides a neat and crisp look without taking away from the other attributes of the shorts.

It’s Up to You

So much of what we do at Berle is about making sure that the items you order fit with your personal style and taste. That is particularly true in the battle between flat front and pleated shorts. This isn’t about a right or wrong choice, as either option can look great. Do you have a personal preference? Some feel that pleated shorts look better on larger men, but that is certainly not a hard and fast rule.

A Wide Variety

Once you have decided that pleated shorts are going to be the right option for you, there are still plenty of other selections to make. What color shorts would you like to order? Do you have a favorite material? With options in khaki, seersucker, microfiber, and more, you’ll have plenty to pick from when you shop at Berle. And, thanks to our long history in the business and ongoing commitment to quality products, you can be sure that you will love every item you receive. We appreciate your visit and hope to serve you soon!