Charleston Brick Shorts


3 products

3 products

Men's Red Khaki Shorts In Charleston Brick

There is no mistaking Charleston brick. Once you are familiar with this color, you start to spot it in many different places—and you may even want to add it to your wardrobe. If you feel this color looks good on you, our collection of men’s red khaki shorts in Charleston Brick is a great place to shop. Shorts of this color are offered in many different styles, so take a moment to browse the options and pick out your favorite.

Build An Outfit

As you make your decision on which pair of Charleston Brick Shorts is best for you, remember to think about the rest of your outfit in order to coordinate properly with your shorts. Since this color is unique, you’ll want to confirm that you have the right shirt and shoes to work with. That way, when your order arrives, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and look great as you make it through your busy days.

A History Of Service

Is it enough to just offer quality garments if you want to build a business that will last for generations? Not even close. At Berle, our quality garments are the cornerstone of our business, but it is customer service that puts us over the top. We provide nice perks like free shipping on regular price orders, and also free hemming on all trousers. If you have any questions regarding your order, or if you have questions before you place an order, feel free to contact us right away. Thank you for stopping by our site, and happy shopping!