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5 products

Men’s Washed Khaki Trousers

For some men, khakis are a near-daily part of their wardrobe. Suitable for use in many offices, khakis also look right at home as you move through the rest of your day-to-day life. For a quality pair of khaki pants that is sure to look great no matter what you’re up to, the men’s washed khakis from Berle are a smart pick. While they are called ‘khakis’, these pants are actually offered in a variety of colors, including stone, navy, and Charleston Brick.

The Khakis You Want

When you visit a store to pick out a pair of pants, your selection is typically limited to what they happen to have on the shelves. If you would like khakis with a 32’’ inseam and a flat front, but they only have that length in a pleated version, you may have to opt for the pleats. There is no such settling when you shop online with Berle. As part of your order, you’ll be able to select the front style, bottom finish, inseam, and more. That way, when your order arrives at your front door, it will be precisely what you have in mind.

Round Out Your Wardrobe

Most likely, our washed khakis are not going to be the fanciest pair of pants hanging in your closet. And that’s okay. A well-dressed gentleman knows that diversity is important in a wardrobe. Add a pair of two of washed khakis to the rest of your apparel, and you will have the right choices available for virtually any situation. Place your order today, or contact us for more information.