How to Wear a Black Suit in Style

When it comes to formal menswear, there’s one option that never fails: the black suit. Black suits are versatile and popular choices for all men. But what if you don’t know how to wear a black suit in style? And how do you elevate this ensemble? Let’s break down everything that goes into a great black suit look, below.

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Pick the Right Time

The key to wearing a black suit in style is knowing when to wear a black suit in the first place. A black suit isn’t a perfect choice for every occasion or event. In most cases, black suits are good for:

The last category is especially true if the event in question is in the winter. On the flip side, formal or cocktail events during the spring and summer months often call for a lighter suit color, like gray or beige.

Pick the Right Cut

Next, be sure that you choose the right cut of black suit. In simpler terms, this means you should get your suit tailored, if possible. Your suit doesn’t have to be made from scratch just for your body, but purchasing an off-the-rack suit and getting it modified can do wonders for your look.

You might also want to consider the style of the black suit you choose. A classic, single-breasted style of black suit is versatile and suitable for a variety of formal occasions. A double-breasted suit is a little more formal and old-fashioned.

Wear the Right Shirt with Your Suit

You also have to consider the shirt you plan to wear with your suit. White shirts are classic and easy choices that allow the black suit to act as the centerpiece of your outfit. However, lighter colors can also be great picks depending on your aesthetic, especially when you pair them with darker ties.

Also, ensure that you choose a nice style of shirt to pair with your black suit jacket. A medium-spread collar shirt is a great option. Plus, they look nice both with and without a tie.

Add a Good Tie and Accessories

Speaking of ties, you should probably combine your black suit with one, plus a few extra accessories. For men, accessories are easy: pick a watch with a metal band and maybe a pocket square, depending on how formal your jacket is and whether the event calls for it.

When it comes to your tie, you can’t go wrong with a black tie set against your white shirt. It’s arguably the most recognizable and reliable menswear combination in history.

However, you can be a little more creative and go with a burgundy tie that includes a small pattern. This is a great option if you want a little extra flair while remaining safely within formal margins. Overall, be smart with your tie color and pattern, making sure it goes well with the color of shirt you choose to wear with your black jacket.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes!

Lastly, you can’t discount the role your shoes play with your entire black suit get-up. In general, Oxford shoes or formal dress shoes in black or navy are great choices with black suits of any style. However, note that any extremely formal occasion, such as a wedding or funeral, demands that you wear black shoes instead of any other color.

No matter which color shoes you choose, be sure to polish them before showing up at your formal event. A good polish can make your shoes look a lot fancier and more valuable than they actually are, elevating the look of your entire outfit.

Putting it All Together

After you get the basic black suit aesthetic down pat, you can modify your ensemble according to your unique taste and style. The great thing about black suits is that you’ll wear them again and again throughout your life, so you have plenty of time to perfect your look!

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