What Is A Button Down Collar Shirt?

You’ve probably heard of a “button-down shirt.” But what does that mean, exactly? A shirt with buttons? Any shirt with buttons? When you wear a collared shirt, you want to make sure that you’re dressing appropriately for the occasion. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for understanding the button down collar shirt—and everything that goes with it.

May 07, 2019 by Berle Editor

How Should A Dress Shirt Fit?

Ever buy a dress shirt with full confidence that it looked right in the mirror—only to see that when you show up in a photo or on social media, it doesn’t fit quite how you imagined? You may need a primer on how a dress shirt should fit. Here’s everything you need to know to get your dress shirt fitting as snugly and comfortably as possible.

May 01, 2019 by Berle Editor

The Perfect Business Attire for Men

What is “business attire,” and what does it have to do with you? For men, “business attire” generally refers to a dress code known as “business.” Business is a step above “casual” and “business casual,” but a step below formal or black-tie attire. Men’s business attire is what you should wear to important events like job interviews and high-level meetings.

April 23, 2019 by Berle Editor

Essential Types Of Tie Knots You Need To Know

Wearing a tie is the ubiquitous sign of a man dressing up. It’s what you don before a job interview, a formal event, a wedding—and if you don’t know how to tie one yourself, it’s only going to add to the stress of preparing for the affair. That’s why it’s essential to learn some knot-tying skills so that when a big moment comes, you’ll be ready. Here are the most common types of tie knots you need to know!

April 16, 2019 by Berle Editor

Blazers, Sport Jackets & Suit Jackets: What's the Difference?

You’ve often heard the phrases “blazer”, “sport jacket”, and “suit jacket” used interchangeably. This is a mistake. Not only are each of these three terms unique and distinct, but which one you choose to wear should have some bearing on your style. In this post, we’ll walk you through the differences between each of these men’s fashion items.

April 10, 2019 by Berle Editor

Do You Wear A Belt With Suspenders?

It may be one of the most vexing style rules for men: do you wear a belt with suspenders? Sure, the suspenders accomplish the role of the belt, but does the look really work if you ditch the belt entirely? Here’s everything you need to know about this time-tested fashion quandary for men.

April 02, 2019 by Berle Editor

Steamer Vs Iron - Which Is Better For Your Trousers?

You need to wear a crisp pair of trousers for an event coming up, but there’s just one problem: wrinkles. Those trousers you invested in don’t only look like they just went through the washer without a drying cycle, but they’re completely un-wearable for a formal event. At this point, you have two options: the steamer or the iron. But which one is better for the long-term health of your trousers, and which one is better for getting them to look their best right now? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

March 26, 2019 by Berle Editor

Men's Church Outfits Guide

Weekly church services are a chance to put your best fashion foot forward. Dressing well for church helps to show you take the occasion seriously while maintaining a strong sense of personal style standards. But what if you haven’t put together a decent church outfit just yet? Don’t worry. We’re here to help with this men’s church outfits guide!

March 19, 2019 by Berle Editor

Should Guys Wear A Tux Or Suit For Prom?

Deciding whether to wear a suit or a tux for the prom can feel like splitting hairs. But if you take a few steps back and consider the decision, you’ll find that there’s more to this choice than meets the eye. For guys who don’t often think about what to wear, it can be downright confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide on what you’ll need to keep in mind as you plan your prom outfit.

March 12, 2019 by Berle Editor

How To Wear Cufflinks

Men don’t get many opportunities to accessorize. But there is one place where any man in a suit can put his unique stamp on his outfit: the cufflinks. Unfortunately, there aren’t any guides that come in the mail when you turn 18 that instruct you on how to wear cufflinks properly. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a quick guide.

March 05, 2019 by Berle Editor